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Almost Halloween!

We just wanted to let folks know (since we’ve gotten quite a few questions about it) that we are indeed doing a Halloween display this year. We’ve been working on it this past week and hope to have it up and running in the next few days. We’ll post again here and on facebook when we know which days and hours it will be running.

Christmas 2010 is Up and Running!

We’re ready to put up the sign and throw the switch! The lights will be on from 5:00 to 9:30 PM through Jan 6th, Tune to 96.9 FM when you’re in front of the house. PLEASE do not honk, and PLEASE keep your radio quiet enough that it can’t be heard from outside your vehicle.
A huge “Thanks!” to (in order of appearance) Deb Mason, Margaret Donaghue, Patrick Donaghue, Alex Allen, Kjell Nordstrom, Phyllis Dunne, and Amanda Hilton for their help this year. We would be at least another week working without their help!
Videos probably will not be up until after New Years.

From Creepy to Christmas…

Thanks to everyone who stopped by last night with kind words about the display. We hope you had a great Halloween. For the first time ever, we were worried that we might not have enough candy!

We might have Halloween videos up soon.. but we’re not sure yet. It depends on if we can get it recorded before tearing it down to make way for Christmas.  …which we still have a lot to do to get ready for!

Halloween 2010!

Just a quick note to say that we’re up and running for Halloween 2010! We’ll have the lights on from 7 to 10 PM nightly through October 31st. The radio station is still 96.9 FM.  It’s a smaller display and there are only a few songs in rotation, but that’s because we’re busy working on Christmas and don’t have time to do much else with Halloween at the moment.

Final Nights of 2009/2010

Just a quick heads up that tonight, Tuesday the 5th, is the last night we’ll have non-traditional music in the playlist, and tomorrow, Wednesday the 6th, is the last night the display will be running at all, and will have the normal Christmas music set that night. We may run some tests after that date to help with planning for next year, but it will no longer be running 5-10 after the 6th. We need to start tearing it down and putting it away before the winter does any more damage or buries it deeper.

Storm Damage

Upon digging the display out after this weekend’s storm we’ve found that one of the 2 ropes which holds the light harness at the top of the “mega tree” has failed. The ropes we used are rated for double the weight, and we used 2 of them, but it let go anyway. Right now, the assembly at the top of the tree is hanging rather precariously at a wierd angle held up by a single rope and we’re not sure how long it’s going to stay there. We thought about it and decided that trying to fix it would do more harm than good, at this point, so we’ve opted to just let it go as long as it will last, and we’ll deal with it after the 6th.

So in summary – If you want to see the full display, do it quick. We’re not sure how much longer that part of it will be around.