A Little Help… Please?

UPDATE: We’ve found the lights we need. Thanks to all who went looking. We’ll have some new additions for 2011!

This is the time of year when all the Christmas lights go on sale and we stock up for next year. Unfortunately, no one seems to have any lights left over to mark down this season. So we’re looking for a little help. Read on for details..

We are in need of Walmart’s “Holiday Time” brand 100 count clear mini lights on green wire. We use these throughout the display consistently so that maintenance is not so frustrating. Mixing in other brands, types, or strings with more or fewer bulbs complicates things quite a bit. So if you see these in your travels at least 50% off, and you want to help out, please pick them up, keep the receipt, and we will buy them from you at cost. We need around 30 boxes for next year.  That’s a full case and then 5 boxes more (if you can get the case then please do as it makes them easier to transport and store). Please note that we do NOT want LEDs.

Please do keep your reciepts. We only need 30 boxes and if someone beats you to it you’ll probably want to return them.

After you’ve found some, just use our contact form and we’ll be in touch very soon about getting them from you and paying  you back.

Thank you for your help, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Kim & Phil Hilton

For reference, this is what last year’s boxes looked like. This year’s box is very similar.

One thought on “A Little Help… Please?”

  1. My husband and I live in wilton and this is the first year that we have actually taken the time to stop and enjoy the light show however late it was.Our Grandaughters 9th birthday is today January 6th and we had taken her out for a birthday supper and decided to stop in and watch the light show on our way home. What a surprise to find out it was the last day. Even more of a surprise when the happy birthday song came on, it took everyone by surprise especially our grandaughter. Our first thought was how in the world did you know we were there and that it was her birthday. It didn’t take long to figure it out but it still made our grandaughters birthday all that more special. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into this every year it is truely awsome just sorry we waited so long to stop and enjoy it. THANKS AGAIN and GOD BLESS

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