Christmas 2017 – New Location

It took some doing but we’re finally up and running at our new home (still in Wilton but at a new address) for the 2017 Christmas season. Here are the important details:

  • Parking (or lack thereof) – Our new home is in a far more densely populated area. The street is much narrower and there is no off-street parking. This means 10-20 cars parked at once is no longer an option. You are free to use the limited space at the top of our driveway, but if we pull up in front of or behind you please move your car so we can get through (please also turn off your headlights while you’re there).
  • Neighbors – We’ve got a lot more neighbors now, and it’s important to respect them. Please do NOT turn around in any driveways. The road loops around back to Orchard Drive so there is no need to do so. Several of our neighbors are very protective of their landscaping, so please don’t pull over onto their side of the road. There is no shoulder on this street. And of course, with more neighbors it’s even more important that you refrain from honking.
  • Songs – Because we don’t have the space for people to park for long periods, and stopping in the street is essentially blocking an entire lane, we have cut back the song list considerably to just a few. Probably just 2 at a time. We may swap out which songs are running each night, but it will no longer be a 15-30 minute set. Wilton Lights broadcasts on 96.9 FM. Please keep your radio down so as not to disrupt our neighbors.
  • Fewer Lights – We still haven’t gotten lights up on the house yet. Our custom order LEDs didn’t arrive in time to get them mounted and configured with our computer/lighting network. We hope to get them up for Halloween 2018, but for now the only lights are in the yard on display items (Charlie and Snoopy, the trees, etc).
  • Wilton Food Pantry – We don’t have a collection box out by the road this year for the Wilton Food Pantry. We’re still working on the logistics of that. You are welcome to make a donation online, however, and we will see that it gets there. They are a wonderful organization.
  • How To Find Us – (If you skipped to this paragraph, please read the rest of this post first, we’ll wait…) With all that said, our new home is at 38 Applegate Lane, off of Orchard Drive in Wilton. It would be best to come in from Applewood and turn left on to Applegate so that you are on the right side of the road. When coming from Wilton just go past Applegate and take your next left on to Applewood. Here is a handy link to get directions to Wilton Lights.
  • Hours – We plan to run 5:00 to 9:00 through Christmas, and until there is a warm day to take things down after that, but no later than New Years. We may be offline for tech problems and bad weather. Our new home uses GFCI outlets outdoors so we will be more prone to issues with rain/wet snow than we were in the past. Sorry. We will also shut things down if people do not stay off of our neighbor’s driveways and lawns. There is no shoulder on this street.

Thanks for your understanding and have a Merry Christmas!

– The Hiltons