Make an Online Donation

You may use the form below to make a donation to the Wilton Food Pantry.  Donations are collected and delivered in early January. Please see our Donations Page for more information.

You must specify your name to be included. The list is updated manually so there may be a delay before your name appears. Inappropriate or silly names will not be shown.

Please note that PayPal (the service which processes the online donations) will collect a small portion of  your donation as their fee. The amount they take out is variable (30 cents plus 2.9% the last time we checked) but generally small. For example, at of the time of this writing it was 59 cents out of a $10.00 donation, and $1.75 out of a $50.00 donation. You can bypass that deduction entirely by using the secure collection box on the back of our sign.

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