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Collecting for the Wilton Food Pantry

Once again we are accepting donations for the Wilton Food Pantry. We have collected $258.75 so far this season (as of Dec 22nd). That’s enough for them to purchase 1617 lbs of food. Keep up the good work! If we collect $1000 by January 6th then we will run the lights for an extra night! You can donate via the secure lock box on the back of our sign at the display or right here online! Thanks for all of your support and Merry Christmas!

Almost Halloween!

We just wanted to let folks know (since we’ve gotten quite a few questions about it) that we are indeed doing a Halloween display this year. We’ve been working on it this past week and hope to have it up and running in the next few days. We’ll post again here and on facebook when we know which days and hours it will be running.

Christmas In July!

Well it took us long enough, but we’ve finally gotten the video of this past season’s Christmas display up for all to see. We used a different camera this year and not everything fit in a single view, so we used two angles and combined them in to a one video. We also opted to provide a single video of the entire display rather than individual videos of each song. This should provide a more immersive experience. Lastly, we increased the video quality. Most broadband users will be able to play it right away, but some may need to let it load first for uninterrupted playback. If you have a 1.5Mbit connection or better then you should be all set. Happy-belated Holidays! Merry Christmas in July! …And get ready for Halloween!

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Christmas 2010 is Up and Running!

We’re ready to put up the sign and throw the switch! The lights will be on from 5:00 to 9:30 PM through Jan 6th, Tune to 96.9 FM when you’re in front of the house. PLEASE do not honk, and PLEASE keep your radio quiet enough that it can’t be heard from outside your vehicle.
A huge “Thanks!” to (in order of appearance) Deb Mason, Margaret Donaghue, Patrick Donaghue, Alex Allen, Kjell Nordstrom, Phyllis Dunne, and Amanda Hilton for their help this year. We would be at least another week working without their help!
Videos probably will not be up until after New Years.