Show Your Support!

Do you like the light display? Then please consider showing your support by making a donation to the Wilton Food Pantry! We’ve been so blessed by all of your wonderful messages and compliments (and even a care package!), it’s clear that folks are coming together around the display this season. With all that attention, we thought it would be a good idea to channel it towards a worthy cause.

The display is our gift the community and comes with no strings attached, but if you would like to give something to the community as well, please consider making a donation!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

UPDATE: As of December 27th, $844.08 has been collected. That’s 5275.5 pounds of food!
Way To Go! Every Little Bit Counts! Keep It Up!

The donation tally is updated almost daily on the donations page.

3 thoughts on “Show Your Support!”

  1. Hi Roberta,

    We’re scheduled run nightly (weather and tech issues permitting – heavy rain or wind will shut us down) from 5 to 10 through January 6th.

    Merry Christmas!

    Oh, and you can find more info like that on the “About” page (link at the top)

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