Thanks for the comments!

We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their nice comments and holiday wishes! We’ve been getting a lot of feedback (too much to reply to all of it) and reading your kind words has felt great and made us feel awesome about putting up the display. Keep ’em coming! We can’t reply to all of them but we do read them all!

Be sure to let us know which song(s) you like best. We’ll most certainly be changing the playlist for next year and we’ll try to keep/improve the ones you all like the best! Also, if you have questions about something send them along as well, and we’ll set up a page of answers here on the website.

On a related note – Please remember to keep your car radio down to a reasonable volume. We heard one car from inside the house tonight (no joke!) and as much as we love Christmas music, we’ve been listening to these particular 11 songs all year while programming the animations, and we could use a break from them while we’re eating dinner or watching TV. Thanks!

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